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New capabilities of Google featured snippets

From now on, Google has featured snippets which are sourcing another image from the source of the content that it used. In other words, these snippets can use a different source of an image from the source of certain article content that it used for showing the answer. For instance, if you search for running shoes, you may find the featured website selling them, but Google will use an image from a totally different site at the same time.

It is actually a new thing which hadn't been used by Google earlier. No it seems to source images and content in terms of the same box of featured snippets in a different manner. We know that the image itself is a good way of ranking running shoes, but it's really not ranking any better that some other images. Many webmasters are not fond of this idea and some of them argue that they would be angry if their images were shown with the content of someone else. Well, it's really hard to say if this new technique makes sense, indeed.

However, a similar thing has been used for the Top Stories since long ago, when the content was shown from one website, while an image could be from a totally different website. But it's funny how some users facing this feature lately thought that was a bug, not an update.

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